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16 spots remaining in Calgary: Pre-Order & Secure Your Spot Now

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Introducing the World's #1 Protective Coating

Get Unrivaled Protection with Icon Rocklear

  • 75x Stronger than any Ceramic or Graphene coating

  • 35x Thicker than any Ceramic or Graphene coating

  • 30% Glossier than any Ceramic or Graphene coating

  • ZERO Annual Maintenance required

  • FREE Lifetime Warranty


"Amazing service and quality of work! They definitely know what they're doing!"
- Matthew N.

Unrivaled Strength and Durability

75x stronger and 35x thicker than any Ceramic or Graphene coating, Icon Rocklear shields your vehicle against the harshest elements.

A single layer of Icon Rocklear equals over 35 layers of Ceramic or Graphene Coating.

Impeccable Gloss

Enjoy a true mirror finish with 30% more gloss than Ceramic or Graphene Coatings. Your vehicle will not just be protected; it'll shine like never before.

Zero Maintenance

Forget annual check-ups and recoats. Icon Rocklear's lasting protection means you're set for life, increasing your vehicle's resale value without extra effort.

Made in Alberta, Canada

Licensed & Insured

35+ Years of Experience

100% Money Back Guarantee

Built for Albertans, by Albertans!

Experience the Unmatched Power of Icon Rocklear

Where Strength Meets Elegance - Transforming Protection for Vehicles

  • 75x Stronger: Unrivaled Damage Resistance

Imagine the confidence of driving your vehicle, knowing it's protected by Icon Rocklear's unparalleled strength. Outperforming others in tensile strength lab tests, it's your shield against the unexpected - from shopping carts and tree branches to stones and gravel rash. Feel the difference of the only coating that stands up to life's challenges.

  • 35x - 50x Thicker: The Epitome of Durability

Visualize a barrier so robust that a single layer surpasses 35 layers of ordinary ceramic coating. With Icon Rocklear, applied by certified professionals like us, you achieve a remarkable thickness of 63 microns (where Ceramic Coating is only 1-3 microns). Experience the tangible protection that comes from this extraordinary thickness.

  • 30% Glossier: Redefining Brilliance

See your vehicle transform with a shine that's 30% more brilliant than any other coating. Spectrometer testing has proven Icon Rocklear's superior reflective quality, giving your vehicle a mirror-like finish that's not just seen, but felt.

  • Impact Resistant: A Fortress on Wheels

Picture driving with the assurance that your vehicle has over 50% more impact resistance than ceramics. Icon Rocklear's formidable barrier protects against rocks, chips, and light impacts - a level of protection that traditional coatings can't match.

  • Scratch Resistant: Witness the Resilience

Come and test the resilience of Icon Rocklear for yourself. Our showroom features a painted hood, inviting you to see firsthand how it resists and recovers from scratches, setting a new standard in coating technology.

  • Self-Healing: The Power to Renew

Envision a coating that repairs itself. With Icon Rocklear, most scratches disappear with just a touch of heat, offering a rejuvenating capability far beyond the reach of ceramic or graphene coatings.

  • Hydrophobic: Effortless Maintenance

Feel the ease as water and liquids simply bead and roll off your vehicle. Icon Rocklear's hydrophobic properties mean less cleaning, more shine, and an always pristine appearance.

  • Increased Vehicle Resale Value: A Smart Investment

Imagine the future value of your vehicle, enhanced by Icon Rocklear. Not only does it maintain its immaculate condition, but it also increases its appeal to potential buyers, ensuring a higher resale value.

  • Lifetime Warranty: Peace of Mind, Worldwide

Trust in a product backed by a lifetime warranty that travels with you, wherever you go. With Icon Rocklear, you're not just getting a coating; you're getting a lifetime of assurance and worldwide peace of mind.

Icon Rocklear is the World's Toughest Coating on the Market.

And It's Not Even Close.

Protects and corrects paint in one application

Unlike Ceramic Coating or heavy polishing that grinds down your precious factory clear coat, Icon Rocklear fills imperfections and adds protective depth creating a brand new showroom look. No need to pay for paint correction anymore!

ZERO Annual Maintenance Costs

With ceramic or graphene coating, you need to professionally recoat your vehicle annually, which costs time and money. With Icon Rocklear, there's zero annual maintenance required!

Professionally Trained Installers

Icon Rocklear requires a unique install process. Our installers at Tap And Shine Calgary are professionally trained and certified by Icon Rocklear International, so you know you'll get the best possible install!

ZERO Product Failures - EVER!

Created in 2016, Icon Rocklear has maintained a flawless track record with zero warranty claims or product failures to date. Backed by rigorous lab testing that guarantees it delivers on its promises every time.

Renewed Brilliance and Paint Finish

Regardless of whether your paint has swirls, scuffs, or light scratches, Icon Rocklear has the unrivaled ability to renew your finish without having to reduce your clear coat. Perfect for both new and used vehicles!

Versatile Enough for ANY Use or Environment!

Icon Rocklear is so versatile it can be used not only for regular automotive use, but it can also be used for offroading, trucking, agriculture, aviation, and marine vehicles.

Icon Rocklear vs. Ceramic Coating: The Ultimate Showdown

See the Difference: Why Icon Rocklear Outperforms any Coating in the World

= Significantly underperformed when compared with Icon Rocklear


Icon Rocklear



Scratch Resistance

Rock Chip Resistance

Coating Thickness (UM+)

63+ microns

1-3 microns

UV Protection



Colour Enhancement

Chemical Protection

Impact Absorption (in LBs)

Upto 120 lbs

Upto 80lbs

Salt Spray



1-8 years



1-8 years

Clear Coat Reduction

None required

Polishing & clear coat reduction required during install process

Yearly Recoat/Reapplication Costs

None required

$50 - $100 / year mandatory

Mandatory Maintenance

None required



$1,997 $1,497+

Includes free lifetime warranty and zero annual costs

$799 - $2,149+

Plus annual recoat costs

and limited warranty

= Significantly underperformed when compared with Icon Rocklear

Icon Rocklear + PPF = Maximum Protection and Gloss

Unlock the ultimate vehicle protection by combining Icon Rocklear with Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Unlike ceramic or graphene coatings, Icon Rocklear uniquely allows for PPF to be installed on top, creating an unbeatable protective duo. This combination not only significantly enhances your vehicle's gloss and aesthetic appeal but also ensures you never lose your investment in Icon Rocklear.

The high-gloss finish of Icon Rocklear beneath the PPF amplifies the shine, taking it to new heights of brilliance, and boosting the vehicle's resale value.

If you're looking for the absolute best in vehicle protection, ask us about bundled discounts for applying both PPF and Icon Rocklear.

Far from replacing PPF, Icon Rocklear complements it, offering a combined solution that far surpasses the benefits of choosing one over the other.

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Why Calgary Loves Us

Icon Rocklear: Paint Correction Abilities

In a single layer, Icon Rocklear can achieve up to 63 microns (2.5 mils), where Ceramics only achieve 1-3 microns at best. Icon Rocklear has the unrivaled ability to renew your paint finish whether it's suffering from neglect, faded paint, swirls, scuffs, scratches, or anything else the real world throws at you.

  • Scratches

  • Hard Water Spots

  • Bird Etching

  • Swirls

  • Chemical Damage

  • Thin Clear Coat

  • Gravel Rash

  • Tree Sap Etching

  • Colour Depth & Gloss

  • Scratches

  • Hard Water Spots

  • Bird Etching

  • Swirls

  • Chemical Damage

  • Thin Clear Coat

  • Gravel Rash

  • Tree Sap Etching

  • Colour Depth & Gloss

Examples of What Icon Rocklear Can Do

Check out these transformations and results from our friends at Coating King Studio

(click the PLAY button to start video)

Before & After Transformation with Icon Rocklear

Bird Etching and Self Healing Abilities

Tesla Model S Coated and Protected with Icon Rocklear

Ford F250 Coated and Protected with Icon Rocklear

1976 Ford F150 Restored and Protected with Icon Rocklear

Carbon Fiber Finish Coated and Protected with Icon Rocklear

Exclusive Early Bird Offer: Limited Time, Limited Spots!

Be among the first 80 in Calgary to embrace Icon Rocklear and save $500!

This exclusive offer is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the best vehicle protection - with LIFETIME warranty - at an unmatched price.

Act fast - these spots are filling quickly, and once they're gone, they're gone for good.

New Vehicle

(Vehicles with less than 1000 km)

Regular Price:
Early Bird Price ($500 OFF):
  • 1 Layer of Icon Rocklear applied to all painted surfaces

  • Full Exterior Wash

  • Clay Bar Treatment

  • Paint Decontamination

  • Iron & Tar Removal

  • FREE Lifetime Warranty

Used Vehicle

(vehicles with more than 1000 km)

Regular Price:
Early Bird Price ($500 OFF):
  • 1 Layer of Icon Rocklear applied to all painted surfaces

  • Full Exterior Wash

  • Clay Bar Treatment

  • Paint Decontamination

  • Iron & Tar Removal

  • FREE Lifetime Warranty

Got Questions? Get Answers.

Understanding Icon Rocklear: Clearing Up Common Questions

Is Icon Rocklear just another ceramic coating?

No, it's the evolution of car protection. Engineered for today's challenges, it outperforms ceramic in every way.

Ceramic coatings were developed in the early 2000s and have pretty much remained the same since. Relying on mostly water beading and easier to clean vehicles. Icon Rocklear was originally engineered in 2016 (in Alberta) and has been advanced several times with the most recent formula updated in 2023. Icon Rocklear is a corrective, protective, and transparent coating for automotive, marine, aviation, trucking, and agriculture use. It combines the best of PPF, clear-coats and ceramic coating all in one.

It is significantly thicker, stronger, and glossier than ceramic or graphene coatings. And it's renewable - where ceramics/graphene are not renewable. Ceramics/graphene coatings need to be removed/replaced if the coating gets damaged.

We also offer a 20 year guarantee on a single layer of Icon, and lifetime guarantee on 2+ layers. Either way you also get lifetime warranty on the workmanship. Ceramic and graphene coatings only come with a 8-10 year warranty max and require expensive annual recoatings. 

What if the coating gets damaged? Is it renewable or does it need to be removed & replaced?

The difference between Rocklear and ceramic coating is that ceramic coating is not renewable – it needs to be removed and reinstalled, which makes it more expensive for you.

Icon Rocklear on the other hand, is fully renewable. Meaning – if the coating gets damaged, we can simply reapply another layer of Icon Rocklear and you’re good to go! No polishing, grinding of clear coat, or any other expensive work required.

How come nobody else is offering this in Calgary?

We are the first officially certified dealer that can sell and install Icon Rocklear in Calgary and surrounding areas. The licensing process is a long and comprehensive procedure, where only the best installers make it. And being the best in Calgary… we’re the only ones that have made it.

How do I know this product works as claimed?

We’re so confident in this product that we give a 100% scratch test guarantee. Come and test the resilience of Icon Rocklear for yourself. Our showroom features a painted hood, inviting you to see firsthand how it resists and recovers from scratches, setting a new standard in coating technology. You can take out your keys and try to scratch it. If you manage to scratch the paint on the Icon Rocklear coated part, we’ll coat your vehicle with Icon Rocklear… free of charge.

Concerned about the cost?

Consider the savings on annual maintenance, increased resale value, and, above all, the unmatched protection and gloss that keeps your car looking brand new. Icon Rocklear isn't an expense; it's an investment in your car's future. Plus, with our $500 off early-bird discount, it will be more or less the same cost as ceramic coating - minus the yearly maintenance costs.

How is Icon Rocklear better than other paint protection options?

Most people assume Icon Rocklear falls in one of three categories: Ceramic Coatings, PPF, or wipe-on clearcoats.

Icon Rocklear is in none of those categories. It's in its own category set aside, by itself, standalone, leading the pack. If all three of those products got together and formulated a child with the best qualities from each, Icon Rocklear would have been born.

Is Icon Rocklear a wipe-on clear coat?

There's zero clear coat, silicon, polymers, or teflon in Icon Rocklear. With wipe-on clear coats, the adhesion is mechanical, meaning you have to sand down the vehicle before applying it. There's minimal impact or scratch resistance with wipe-on clear coats. You can't polish them either, otherwise they crack and peel, because they're rigid. Some wipe-on clear coats are just diluted clear coats. If you dent your car, it will crack the wipe-on clear coat. Wipe-on clear coats are not detailing products - they're restoration products.

Icon Rocklear is the world's only detailing product that is scratch resistant, impact resistant, can be polished, and is flexible - meaning it won't crack if you polish it or dent it.

The simplest Litmus test is to see if you can find even one of these wipe-on clear coat products going on a brand new or high end vehicle (Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc) straight from the dealership. You simply won't - because they're meant for used car lots to make older vehicles look brand new. The downside with wipe-on clear coats is you only start to see the gloss fading and cracking after about 6 months or more.

How does Icon Rocklear compare to PPF (3m or similar paint protection films)?

To protect your entire vehicle in PPF, you're looking at approximately $5,000 - $8,000, depending on the size of the vehicle, the type of film you choose, and the complexity of the install.

PPF fails within 5-10 years, leading to cracking, peeling, fading, chipping, and dulled paint. If it gets damaged, it needs to be removed and replaced.

A single layer of Icon Rocklear on your entire vehicle starts at just $1997 - $2497, which comes with our 20 year warranty. 2 or 3 layers can range around $2991 - $3991, with a lifetime warranty.

With Icon Rocklear, your vehicle stays glossy, hydrophobic, and looking like glass for years and decades to come. If your Icon Rocklear coating gets damaged, it only needs a simple reapplication in most cases and you're good to go - no expensive removals, replacements, or grinding down of your precious clearcoat.

How does Icon Rocklear compare to REVIVIFY?

Revivify is still a ceramic coating, meaning it’s focus is on beading water. Icon Rocklear protects against scratches, rock chips, paint peeling, and has more shine than any ceramic - not even a comparison. Revivify is a good ceramic coating regardless, but Icon Rocklear is not a ceramic coating. Once it hardens it becomes an actual “scratch-proof” protective barrier for your paint.

Comparing Revivify to Icon Rocklear is like comparing the difference in performance between a Prius and a Ferrari.

How does Icon Rocklear compare to ceramic coating?

Icon Rocklear is 63 microns when applied, however ceramic coating is only 1-3 microns thick.

Ceramic coating only has protective properties against UV and environmental factors, not physical damage such as scratches, chips, etc.

Icon Rocklear protects your paint from UV & environmental factors, as well as scratches, chips, scuffs, swirls, and more. It even has paint corrective capabilities, meaning it can help eliminate paint fade, swirls and defects.

What makes Icon Rocklear different is that you can repair scratches, swirls, bird droppings, etc with just a little heat or by reapplying another layer of Icon Rocklear.

You cannot do any of that with ceramic. Ceramic coating would need to be removed, corrected, and reapplied (expensive).

How long will does Icon Rocklear last?

Icon Rocklear lasts a minimum of 15 years for automotive use. However at Tap And Shine, you get a lifetime warranty on the coating and workmanship.

Will I need to reapply or replace it frequently?

Nope. Once your vehicle is coated with Icon Rocklear, you will have zero annual maintenance (ceramic / graphene coatings require annual recoating appointments).

Zero maintenance. No weekly washes. No yearly toppers. Nothing. This isn’t a ceramic or graphene coating. Install it once, and you’re set for life.

Can you install PPF or vinyl wrap on top of Icon Rocklear?

Absolutely - this is another key difference between Icon Rocklear and ceramic or graphene coatings. The fact that you can even install PPF and vinyl wrap on top of Icon Rocklear makes it extremely versatile - things you can never do with ceramic or graphene coatings. So you never lose your installation investment.

How can I trust this product when I’ve never heard of it before? Will there be warranty issues?

Icon Rocklear is widely popular in Canada, USA and other countries like Dubai. As the first installers in Calgary to be professionally trained and certified with Icon Rocklear, we wanted to make this protective coating widely accessible. Icon Rocklear has zero complaints, failures, or warranty claims since it’s creation in 2016, and has been vigorously lab-tested. It is the strongest coating by far, with the highest level of protection and shine. If you haven’t seen it for yourself in person please do so and make your own judgment.

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